An artist who cloned himself from yarn has released "Woomi Wins",
an app about a clone who builds a cloning machine.

September 15, 2015 (COQUITLAM, British Columbia, Canada) - A multimedia artist who crocheted a miniaturized clone of himself has released an all-ages app about his clone's attempts to clone itself.

Canadian crocheter-turned-coder Howie Woo wrote Woomi Wins, described in the app stores as "an interactive comic adventure where a yarn-made boy builds clones to conquer Earth from space".

“It’s the only story-driven game with a steam-powered punchline,” says Woo, smiling.

Woomi Wins was one and a half years in the making, and programmed by Howie Woo. He also wrote the story, drew the fourteen scenes of animated images, crocheted the main character, and composed the theme song.

"When you're an indie app developer, your budget is beyond sparse," laughs Woo. "The only currency is persistence plus any abilities you can conjure."

Woomi Wins stars Woomi, a feisty, foot-tall boy made of yarn who plots to invade Earth with his clones. The hand-drawn app encourages discovery within each scene, where the user interacts with Woomi's factory of cloning machinery and his personal UFO.

The character of Woomi originated from WooWork.com, Woo's crochet blog that tells whimsical stories with yarncraft. To bring Woomi from yarn form to interactive life, Woo learned to code the same way he learned to crochet: through online guides, forums, and YouTube tutorials.

"Crocheting and coding are surprisingly similar; intricate designs can be built from basic techniques," says Woo. "Woomi Wins was designed it to tell a fun story that's packed with interactivity. Also, my clone is happy to have an app named after him!"

Woomi Wins is currently available for phones and tablets on the App Store and Google Play for $2.29 CDN ($1.99 US). More information at WoomiWins.com

If you would like further information or would like an interview, please contact:

Howie Woo
Email: woowork@gmail.com
Twitter: @WooWork


• Product page: WoomiWins.com
• Print-resolution photos downloadable HERE
• Youtube: youtube.com/WooWork


Howie Woo is a Canadian multimedia artist born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently based in Coquitlam, British Columbia. His crochet work has been featured in the book INDIE CRAFT by Jo Waterhouse and STRANGE MATERIAL by Leanne Prain. His illustrations on WooToons.com have appeared in children's books (including WHO DISCOVERED AMERICA? by Valerie Wyatt, HOAXED! by the Editors of YES Mag, ROBOTS by the Editors of YES Mag, and ANIMALS ON PARADE by Chirp Magazine), and children's magazines (Chirp, Chickadee, Owl, KNOW Magazine and YES Mag). Woo has also written and directed twenty short films on WooFilms.com, with his STEALING KISSES (1999) reviewed on Twitter by Roger Ebert as "a rather amazing short film".

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