UFO sighting in New West linked to Coquitlam artist.

September 15, 2016 (NEW WESTMINSTER, British Columbia, Canada) - There was a UFO sighting above Greater Vancouver today.

The UFO appeared to span half a meter, propelled by a cargo of helium balloons. It was seen hovering along the Fraser River before disappearing into the skies above the Pattullo Bridge.

The maker of the UFO was later identified as Howie Woo, a Coquitlam-based artist and app developer.

"The truth is out there: I made that UFO," admits Woo.

Released near the WOW Westminster art installation in New Westminster Pier Park, Woo's UFO was drawn with markers on posterboard before lifting into space with a dozen star-shaped balloons.

The UFO launch marked the first anniversary launch of Woo's popular app, Woomi Wins. The story-based app follows a boy who pilots a UFO filled with robotic clones.

"When you release your app into a constellation of other apps, you just hope it gets noticed," says Woo about the stunt. “Sometimes you have to fly a UFO through that constellation."

The UFO was later retrieved after it landed safely on a parking lot in New Westminster.

Woomi Wins is available for phones and tablets on the App Store and Google Play, suitable for all ages. More information at WoomiWins.com


If you would like further information or would like an interview, please contact:

Howie Woo
Email: woowork@gmail.com
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• Product page: WoomiWins.com
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Howie Woo is a Canadian multimedia artist born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently based in Coquitlam, British Columbia. His crochet work has been featured in the book INDIE CRAFT by Jo Waterhouse and STRANGE MATERIAL by Leanne Prain. His illustrations on WooToons.com have appeared in children's books (including WHO DISCOVERED AMERICA? by Valerie Wyatt, HOAXED! by the Editors of YES Mag, ROBOTS by the Editors of YES Mag, and ANIMALS ON PARADE by Chirp Magazine), and children's magazines (ChirpChickadeeOwl, KNOW Magazine and YES Mag). Woo has also written and directed twenty short films on WooFilms.com, with his STEALING KISSES (1999) reviewed on Twitter by Roger Ebert as "a rather amazing short film".


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