Play the role of a yarn-made boy who builds cloning machines to launch a world invasion from space!


Woomi was made from yarn, but wants to build new friends from yarn and steel. Armed with clone-making machines and a UFO, join Woomi as he slam-dunks Earth in this comic, cosmic adventure! Presenting hand-drawn graphics and an interactive story that encourages discovery, Woomi Wins will delight crafty mischief-makers of all ages!


  • 14 ACTION-PACKED SCENES of button-pushing, planet-twirling, switch-flipping, yarnball-tossing, paint-scratching, star-drawing fun!
  • a FUNNY, ALL-AGES STORY that inspires a build-it-yourself spirit and an appreciation for inventiveness and friendship.

  • HAND-DRAWN illustrations and charming animation!

  • DRESS-UP Woomi in construction gear before he enters the clone zone!

  • PHYSICS-BASED SANDBOX ENVIRONMENTS where wacky objects can be thrown, dragged, stacked and bounced.

  • a PHOTO GALLERY of 3D YARN CREATIONS (aka amigurumi) from WooWork.com, the crochet blog that tells whimsical stories with yarncraft.

  • OPTIMIZED for phones and tablets.

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